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Research and development


Most companies established at the Technoparc in Montreal have a significant proportion of their employees dedicated exclusively to research and development. Since 1987, the Technoparc is the address of choice of innovative companies in Montreal. The campus facilitates the emergence of multi-sectoral innovation poles, favorable to Montreal’s technological development in high-tech sectors.




A commercial synergy




Montreal’s Technoparc has built its notoriety on its ability to foster the business relationships of its resident companies. Proximity between strategic decision-makers, research partners and skilled labor facilitates knowledge transfer and trade agreements.










Located at the intersection of two major highways, the 13 (North-South) and the 40 (East-West), the Technoparc is the immediate neighbor of the Montreal International Airport to the north. The latter will soon be connected by the Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM – electric commuter train), having as its first stop the Technoparc Montréal station. International travelers will be able to reach downtown Montreal in less than 15 minutes. Also, the REM will be connected to the Montreal metro (subways system, for a most efficient connectivity.







Financial and commercial assistance



Thanks to a strong network of major partners, Technoparc Montréal has the capacity to help companies in their search for financing, grants, partnerships and trade agreements. In addition, our close ties with government levels and foreign delegations allow our resident companies to facilitate their marketing efforts not only at the national level but also at the international level.



Expertise in real estate development



Our team at Technoparc Montréal also has an extensive expertise in management of real estate projects. We can assist you in all the necessary steps in your real estate development planning. Whether in the initial search for available land, space planning or the choice of contractors, we can offer you our expertise and help you during these crucial stages.



Quality of life



Whether it’s the green spaces inside the park (25 to 40% per lots), the numerous bike,  jogging or walking paths and service shops, the Technoparc offers an ideal setting for residents who seek a quality of life at work, essential to the development of innovative minds. At the Technoparc, the word “park” becomes important!



A scientific park specialized
in high technology


Major names in the aerospace industry are at the Technoparc such as Bombardier, Thales, AJW Technique and many others. From the initial plan of commercial aircraft to integrated flight safety systems, a large number of aeronautical research and development projects in Montreal began at the Technoparc.

ICT – Information and communication technologies

At the Technoparc, ICT engineers and technicians are working day after day on the development of routers, network management softwares, connectors, Ethernet, communications and security services technologies and much more … making the Technoparc site a real development hub for advanced technologies in this sector.

Life Sciences and

The research centers of large companies in life sciences and pharmaceuticals as well as SMEs and startups in these industries evolve at the Technoparc. The site has quickly become an inevitable place of concentration for any company wishing to establish itself not only in the Greater Montreal area, but also in Canada and North America.


For several years now, the Technoparc has welcomed companies working in nanotechnology, clean technologies, energy technologies and other technologies focused on the promising rollout of industry 4.0. The presence of these technologies strategically positions the Technoparc as the prime address for the deployment of 4.0 industries.

Services for Technoparc’s residents

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Our exclusive sites

The Technoparc

The Technoparc is our main site, located in the Saint-Laurent Borough in Montreal. There are about 100 companies, from the multinational to the SME, all specialized in research, development and related services.

These companies operate in high-tech sectors such as aerospace, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, ICT and various technologies.

The Eco-campus Hubert Reeves

This distinct site, located in a future eco-territory at the southern tip of the Technoparc, represents a vision of the future for the development of clean technologies, nanotechnologies and sustainable development.

This area will feature a cutting-edge avant-garde architectural concept that can accommodate businesses of all sizes.

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