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In this time of # covid19 crisis, we have encouraging news to share with you via our social media: how companies are defending themselves, what are the breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research, what are the support tools available via our three levels of governments, examples of resilience and, also, examples of our resident companies at the Technoparc de Montréal. We encourage you to share your information with us, which we can then share with the wider community. Please send this to or “tag” us in your social media for sharing.
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Street Food – 2020 season

The street food events are back this year. As usual, they will take place the first Thursdays of the month (except in July and September), in front of the Alfred-Nobel business center, located at 2300 Alfred-Nobel Boulevard. Events will start from the first warm days until the fall. There will always be 2 or more trucks, accompanied by related activities. Mark your calendars now with the dates below!

Thursday June 4th
Thursday July 9th
Thursday August 6th
Thursday September 10th
Thursday October 1st

See you there. Don’t forget to invite your colleagues and friends. Another “Technoparc” advantage!


Newsletter- February 2020

In the news: news about our resident companies ABB, Genetec, Domain Therapeutics and more. Visit of Israel at the Technoparc, Alpha and ADRIQ contests, The Coolest Hotspot and several jobs available. Services: Technoparc advantages for hotels and daycare,...

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Newsletter- January 2020

New residents: welcome to the company BIOS. In the news: the City of Montreal and Technoparc Montréal, Innovation Awards Gala, visits by 3 delegations, VIP invitation, hiring and job offers. Services: Technoparc advantages, innovation centers, zoom...

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Newsletter – November 2019

In the news: International visits to Technoparc, Africa-Canada Roundtable, 2019 Innovation Awards, news on the REM, prestigious lunch with the Chamber of Commerce. Services: meeting rooms, company francization, Netlift, restaurants and hotel as well as the...

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Newsletter – October 2019

New residents: Technoparc Montréal welcomes CERASP. In the news: a 43.8 million project in health technologies, visits of Belarus and the young chamber of commerce, 2 galas, Hawaii at the Technoparc, RDV de l’écocitoyen corporatif. Services: tire changes,...

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